The take-up statistics will be maintained

The DWP has accepted the arguments for maintaining the statistics on the take-up of means tested benefits. They cited a healthy chunk from submissions from myself and Adrian Sinfield, which is gratifying. They have not committed yet to extending them to cover the Universal Credit system, but one hopes that will follow in due course.

One thought on “The take-up statistics will be maintained”

  1. Many thanks for putting that out, Paul. You are the person who deserves particular credit. If you had not written here about the consultation, I doubt any of us would have known. And the DWP did not put it on their consultation list until Ruth Lister pointed this out in the House of Lords.

    It is very good news – now we must wait to see how they get to grips with take-up on Universal Credit as they cannot duck it now.

    Best wishes, yours, Adrian

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