Social Policy: Theory and Practice

Social Policy 3rd editionI’ve just received the print copies of Social Policy: Theory and  Practice, the third edition of my textbook on social policy.  It’s substantially longer than the second edition, by about two hundred pages; partly this is because of the incorporation of material from Policy Analysis for Practice, another of my books, but mainly it’s just that there’s a lot more in it.

Social Policy is not much like any other book in the field.   It’s written for an international audience; it’s intended as a complement to other books which describe the systems in different countries.  It has a heavy emphasis on practice, including coverage of social administration.   And it was always intended as a contribution to the literature of social policy in its own right.  It’s written to have a relatively long shelf-life, and it should be possible to read it at many different levels.  (Despite all that, as a third edition and a textbook, it will count for nothing in the research rankings which drive universities in Britain. )

I’ve set up three new pages on my website:

You can buy it from Policy Press.

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