Liberty, equality , fraternity: now on open access

I’m delighted to report that my 2006 book, Liberty, equality fraternity, is now available free on open access at the Policy Press website.  From the website:

“Paul Spicker’s book takes the three founding principles of the French Revolution – Liberty, Equality, Fraternity – and examines how they relate to social policy today. The book considers the political and moral dimensions of a wide range of social policies, and offers a different way of thinking about each subject from the way it is usually analysed.

The book is in three main parts, one part devoted to Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in turn. Each part explores the elements and dimensions of the key concept, its application to policy, its interrelationship with the other two principles, and how policies have developed to promote the principle in society. The conclusion outlines three models of radical politics, based on the main concepts.”

The book presents several arguments that are quite original, it refers only to examples from life, and it hasn’t dated.

This is the sixth of my books to be available freely to all.  Find it and others on my open access page.


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