I’m moving my website

I need to move my website, An introduction to social policy, from its home at Robert Gordon University.   I’ve taken steps to try to ensure that the materials on it won’t be lost in transit, and a  first step has been to build a mirror of the site here on the WordPress blog.  You’ll now find the website material in the links  on this site.  WordPress doesn’t use standard coding so this has taken a bit of work; if any links don’t work (there are certain to be some) please let me know.

In the longer term, I’ve registered an independent domain – www.spicker.uk – and made arrangements for private hosting, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to shift the primary website in the course of the next week or so.

Additional note, 7th July:  The new domain and website are now up and running, at http://www.spicker.uk/ .  Please change your bookmarks.

Further note, 26th July:  I have been doing a considerable amount of tweaking to make sure that everything gets directed to the new domain.  I have also prepared the blog for a move, and I am running two versions of the blog in parallel.  The new address, which works now, is at http://blog.spicker.uk/   People who get notice of the blog on Twitter,  Linkedin or Facebook will not really notice, but those who get e-mail updates or  RSS will need to sign up for the new feed.  I’ll  give plenty of notice before I do anything.

29th July:  I have been able to shift email subscribers automatically.  I’ve found however that I can’t redirect people from the wordpress.com site – the problem is that the two sites don’t have parallel structures  so I have to rely on posting notices there to come to the address over here instead.  If you’re reading this, you’re in the right place.




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