Additions to the Open Access page

I’ve obtained permission from Shelter to include a number of pieces I’ve produced for them in the past, including seven reports and some articles for Roof, which was  their  magazine.    Shelter have asked me to emphasise that times move on, and that old material may be inaccurate or make statements which are no longer Shelter’s policy.   There are certainly parts of the material that are dated – for example, twenty years ago I was arguing for a more liberal space standard to be used in the allocation of housing, and now the government has introduced a policy to make it less liberal than the public health standards introduced in the 1930s.  I haven’t however changed any of the text.

The page is getting lengthy, so I’ve also rejigged it according to the subject area rather  than type of publication.  The themes covered are

  • poverty
  • benefits
  • social administration
  • applied social theory
  • health and social care
  • housing, and
  • research.

There is some overlap between the categories, but it I hope it will make it easier for people to find things.

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