A few red lines

I’ve found it difficult to get excited about this election.  Part of the problem is that there is so little to distinguish the traditional parties.   I’ve just been listening to a debate between five parties on welfare – as an experiment, I ran a commentary on Twitter.  Only one party, the Greens, seemed ready to say that expenditure on social security benefits is basically legitimate and desirable – and that, often obliquely.

The parties are fond of telling us about their “red lines” – the issues they won’t compromise on.  As a voter, I have my red lines too.   I won’t vote for a party that

  • is ready to punish people for being unemployed or disabled;
  • threatens to deprive me of my European citizenship; or
  • is hostile to immigration.

I don’t think that any of the main parties would admit to it, but all them have crossed at least two of those three lines.

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