2014 in review: a year when remarkably little happened

I’ve wondered about trying to sum up some of the trends of the past year, but it’s striking how little has actually happened.  Amongst the many things that didn’t happen,

  • benefits didn’t get increased with inflation
  • people who asked for a mandatory reconsideration of bad decisions generally didn’t get one
  • people who were supposedly being transferred to the new Personal Independence Payment didn’t get a decision about whether they were eligible
  • people whose benefits were stopped weren’t offered any practical alternative, and
  • Universal Credit wasn’t extended to hundreds of thousands of people.

Following government social policy feels at times like I’m sitting and watching a store closing down.  Happy New Year.

One thought on “2014 in review: a year when remarkably little happened”

  1. Thank you for the summing up. When one looks at the bald facts it becomes obvious what a failure IDS & Co have been socially. Happy New Year nevertheless!

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