1.6 million referrals for sanction in a year

The delayed figures on Jobcentre Plus sanctions on JSA claimants have been released. The scale and reach of the sanctions is staggering. There were 1,593,800 referrals made in the last 12 months for which figures are available. Only half that number (778,000, as David Webster has already posted in comments) led to ‘adverse decisions’ made against the claimant, but a further 337,000 decisions were ‘reserved’ because the claimant left benefit before a decision to cut payments could be imposed. To put this in perspective, the estimated caseload of claimants of JSA in 2012 was just over 1.5 million. It seems that we have turned a system that was supposed to protect people during spells of unemployment into a model where instead claimants are routinely subjected to threats.

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  1. Hi Paul – In what way are these “new” figures? We have had the figures to October 2012 for some time. Where are the figures from Oct 12 ((when the new tougher penalties were introduced) to Feb 13 Pat Carmody Right To Work

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