The population of Birmingham tops 17 million – according to the Daily Mail

Birmingham does have more people on benefits than lots of other cities, but then it’s a lot bigger – the  last census put the population at  just over 1 million.  The Daily Mail reports today that Birmingham has become Britain’s “welfare capital with £2.7bn Jobseeker’s Allowance bill – or £157 per person”.  £2.7  billion divided by £157 is over 17 million.

The article also has a figure for Hull which offers a comparison – £53m at £202 per head – so it ought to have tipped off the reporter or the sub-editor that there was something wrong with the maths.  Unfortunately, when it comes to benefits, common sense and sound judgment go out of the window.  £2.7 billion is about half the total bill for JSA in the United Kingdom.

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