Open Access material

Visitors to the blog will see there is a new page, headed ‘Open Access material‘. I had a section in the previous page on ‘Publications’ which listed some of my work that was still available online. I have just added to that very substantially. First, I have managed to obtain the reversion of rights on two more of my books, and now there are three available freely for download, on a Creative Commons licence:

  • Stigma and social welfare, originally published by Croom Helm, 1984
  • Principles of social welfare, originally published by Routledge, 1988
  • Poverty and social security: concepts and principles, originally published by Routledge, 1993.

The books are available in PDF and ebook formats.

Second, the Robert Gordon University’s Open Access repository, OpenAir has asked me for pre-print versions of some of my published articles (their selection is based on the permissions they have from publishers, rather than the merits of the article!) As of today there are nine papers posted; ten more should be added over the next two weeks. Do, please, tell me if there are problems with any of the links.

I’m a firm believer in open access, and I have hopes of adding to this as time goes on, particularly for items which are out of print. It doesn’t, however, include most of my work or the things I’ve done that I’d personally say were the best. You’d have to pay for them, or get them from a university library.

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