Geology? Don't waste your time

Cait Reilly is a geology graduate who thought that her unpaid work in a museum was more likely to get her a job than an unpaid job stacking shelves in Poundland. Iain Duncan Smith’s response: geology is over-rated.

“Next time someone goes in – one of these smart people who say there’s something wrong with this – they go into their supermarket, ask themselves this simple question: when they can’t find the food on the shelves, who is more important – them, the geologist, or the person that stacked the shelves?”

This will no doubt be a salutary corrective to the oil and gas industry, who have allowed themselves to be distracted from their critical need for more shelf-stackers and inveigled into wasting money on all those people messing around with geosciences.

Jeremy Bentham argued that the way to stop people claiming poor relief was to make it unpleasant; he also wrote that pushpin is as good as poetry. His stuffed body still has voting rights at University College London and, it seems, his spirit lives on.

One thought on “Geology? Don't waste your time”

  1. If the geologist had not found the oil in the first place, the food would not have been delivered to be stacked on the shelf.

    John V-W.


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