France is proud of its deficit

It’s not me who says so.  Marisol Touraine, the French minister for Health and Social Affairs, explained that the budget for social security – which combines health and social security benefits – would reduce the deficit to a measly 9.7 billion euros.  The French have lived so long with le trou de la Sécu – the hole in the Social – that they’re really quite used to it.  As reported in Le Monde, Mme Touraine explained:

The deficit in Social Security will pass next year below the 10 billion mark: this is half  of what it was at the end of the previous presidential term of office.    We can be proud of that.


One thought on “France is proud of its deficit”

  1. Hum, I hope they are more proud of the deficit than they may be about the reduction – Touraine may be interpreted in different ways. Though the reality speaks clear and unambiguous words, e.g.

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