The referendum campaign has been a triumph for participative democracy

Regardless of the outcome, the referendum debate has been remarkable for the enthusiastic engagement of people throughout Scottish society.  There have been sour notes, a stream of misinformation – my colleague Ian Broadbent, in a comment yesterday, calls it a “tournament of lies” –  and I’ve often lamented the quality of the arguments, but I’d like to give credit to the best.  The strongest argument I’ve seen for ‘yes’ came from George Monbiot in the Guardian.  The best for ‘no’ has come from Gordon Brown: you can see it here on Youtube.  Whatever you think, and whatever Scotland decides, our democracy is stronger for  the experience.




One thought on “The referendum campaign has been a triumph for participative democracy”

  1. Although I have to agree that those two arguments are the best, your point on democracy is seriously marred (in my view) by the physical violence, attacks and bullying by the nationalists. Democracy? All that smacks more of a National Front than anything else.

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