A draft submission to the Smith Commission on the devolution of powers to Scotland

The Smith Commission is reviewing the devolution of powers to Scotland, and it has been asked to work at breakneck speed;  the deadline for submissions is 31st October, and the Commission will be reporting by 30th November.  Normally what I do with drafts is that I write a basic response, put them to one side, let them simmer, polish them a little, rewrite,  and send them off when they seem properly baked.  I don’t really have the time to do that, so I’ve decided to post something half-baked instead.  The draft submission I’ve posted here is – as it says – a draft; I’m hoping that some of you will read it and suggest how I can make it better, clearer or more sensible.   You can comment on the blog, or email me with ideas.

Further note, 14th October:  I’ve updated the draft, and the link now goes to the second version.  There has been a salvo of publications about this issue.  I’m not going to try to delay the submission to the bitter end, because  if I do, it’s probably going to have less impact; I’ll try to finalise it by the end of next week, but I’ll try to respond to other people’s arguments on the blog as they come out.

Further note, 21st October:  Here is the third, and I think the final version – unless someone points out a disastrous mistake!  As before, I’ve changed the link on the draft so that it now goes to this one.


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